Geneseo is 8 km due north of Keith in the south east of SA. It was purchased in 1958 by Lance and Ina Lines as a scrub block with 200 acres cleared and has been developed since then into 2000 acres of sand over clay country with veldt and primrose, and heavy limestone country with clover and ryegrass dominant pastures.

 In 1962 a further 1000 acres was purchased called the 'Repeater Block' which is limestone and loam country with a clover and grass pasture base. It carries an angus herd of 300+ cows and 880 stud ewes with followers. Between 300 and 400 acres is sown annually to feed crops and pasture renovation.



Parraweena adjoins both Geneseo and the repeater block at Keith and was purchased in 2000 by the Lines family. Fenced into 48 main paddocks it is 6880acres and of sand over clay with veldt, primrose and lucerne pasture varying through to loam soils and heavy limestone country of clover based pastures. It runs a South Devon herd of 110cows as well as breeding South Devon Angus x composite bulls along with 2700 stud and commercial ewes and followers. Canola and barley are grown to clean up paddocks prior to a pasture phase. 80Ha of irrigation is used for hay and lucerne seed production. We also grow evening primrose, veldt grass and dry land lucerne for seed.



Our Properties at Keith are 5kms from the Dukes Highway the main route from Adelaide to Melbourne and close to regional sale centres of Naracoorte and in close proximity to processors in SA and Victoria


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