Gum Hill Poll Merinos

Fleece measurement commenced 1995.

Micron Testing 1980”s when technology for this became available.

Introduction of Bloodlines

1885  -  1900
Murray blood. During this period a “fashion” of increaseing wrinkle to produce wool occured. The Gum Hill Studmasters at that time chose not to follow this trend, instead setting the foundation of Gum Hill in place by maintining wool cuts on plainer bodies.
Traditional methods of breeding used, combined with progeny testing.
Population Genetics introduced with limited fleece measurement. Poll Flock founded following the breeding of a Poll Sport and the purchase of 2 Poll Rams from the Anama Stud.
Leased 2 horn Anama Rams for comparision trial.
Production grading of rams commenced by fleece stripping technique, Sires being selected on Fleece Measurement.
Poll Stud Registered. Selection of Sires on same base as Horns.
Selection of Sires on clean fleece weight, body weight and fertility.
Production grading of rams by fleece weight.
Set up own Gene pool which had ewes from the 4 Bungaree bases, Old, East, North and Anama. These sheep came from breeders within the Lines family (grandsons of John Ayres Lines) all of whom had continued breeding from the original Gum Hill base.
Fibre Diameter importance recognised. Microns used in selection of sires.
Population Genetics commenced with the isolation of a gene pool at Geneseo, Keith so that comparisions of economic performance could be made against the Mt Bryan group of families. This pool had an infusion of NSW blood, including measured Peppin sheep from the University of NSW, Deniliquin Research Centre. After 3 generations, these sheep, or an 1/8th cross were added to our own families.
Absolute selection of Sires on Fleece Rot, which had been commences in 1962.
Commencement of Progressive of entire Gum Hill Flock.
Commenced objective meascurement of Fleece Rot characteristics.
Implementation of CSIRO work on the ability of ewes to rear the lamb.
Confirmation of efficiency programe commenced in 1962.

Purchase of Rams and CFA ewes

  • The Gum Hill Studmasters are always willing to discuss your requiremnents of either rams or ewes.
  • Gum Hill has always and will continue to have an emphasis on personal contact.
  • Gum Hill does not have annual auctions, but prefers to spend time with the client, assessing their individual needs in relation to climate and environment, soil types, animal health etc.
  • which in turn allows the client to make the choice of sheep that is suitable to their individual farming enterprise.
  • Selections take place during the months of July and October at Gum Hill.


Field Days

Gum Hill is an annual participant in the South Australian Merino Field Day Series with an on farm display at Mt Bryan in March and Keith in July at the central venue.


Breeding Objectives

Of recent times our breeding objectives within the Merino enterprise have been:

Constitution: An animal needs to survive to be of value to the producer.
Fleece Weight.
Body weight.
Fertility: High lambing percentages, weaned.
Medium Micron Wool with high comfort factor.