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Geneseo Angus Herd

Est 1962

Current Sires in use are from:

  • Sparta Stud NSW
  • The Basin SA
  • Hazeldean Stud NSW

In 1962 Lance Lines invited Don Moyle of The Basin to purchase half of 120 registered heifers from the Rosebank Angus stud of Sir Stanley Murray. This arrangement continued for 3years and we mated the heifers to ‘Merrrocadona’, a bull that was grand champion at Royal Adelaide show.
In 1972 Bold Blair stud NSW imported ‘Jederic’ of Westdrums a bull that Lance purchased from them. Lance ceased registering the stud in 1974.
The Geneseo herd was renowned for its easy calving attributes and sold cast for age cows and cull heifers to Noranda Station for their commercial herd.
In the 1980s we successfully purchased 4 new sires from the Yulkuri herd before calving troubles forced us to purchase only bulls that were out of first calving heifers something that we continue to do. 2 bulls were then purchased from the Glen Bold stud and 2 from the Kingarth stud until American genetics were infused.
In 2004 Haydn visited the Sparta stud at Ando NSW and purchased 1 Bull which proved to be exceptional in calving and early growth which suits our aims subsequent sires have come from there.

Bulls are bred for our herd from sires that:

  • have proven calving ease
  • all sale bulls are from heifers on first calvings.

In 2009 1 bull was leased from Hazeldean and 2 bull calves were also purchased at the Basin dispersal sale and will be tested in our herd before progeny are available.

Bulls are available all year round after they have been used in our herd at $2000 +gst