Gum Hill Poll South Devon Cattle

Registered in March 1972 with an emphasis on polled animals, the Gum Hill South Devon Stud was founded with the use of New Zealand and English bloodlines. These were used over registered Red Poll, Shorthorn and Angus cows’. The sSuth Devon breed was chosen because we saw the potential to have a British breed that had fantastic milk production had a weight gain superior to other British breeds on the same amount of feed with a quiet temperament.

The Gum Hill Poll South Devon breeding objectives are:

  • Must calve unassisted and un observed
  • Be of quite temperament
  • Must thrive under any conditions
  • We aim for high growth rate calves with plenty of fat cover

Recent introductions are:

  • Cimaron 442 (AI) - USA
  • Gadara - SA
  • Merilba - NSW

We retain 1 in 7 bulls for our own use and then sale, these bulls are tested for a range of factors by our local vet including:

  • Fertility
  • Weight Gain
  • Soundness of structure
  • And overall health

Breedplan figures are also available.

The Gum Hill herd consists of up to 150 registered cow run in 3 herds with the bulls being rotated. We will only use a bull once and then they are for sale. This gives us the opportunity to move our genetics quickly and buyers the opportunity to see progeny on the ground.

Steers are sold annually either on property to feedlots or at Strathalbyn and Adelaide Plains Livestock Exchange sale yards in SA.

Cows are available annually both with calves at foot or preg tested in calf
Bulls are available all year round with 10-15 pure Sth Devons and 7-10 Composite Angus Sth Devons annually to select from.

Gum Hill cattle have been bred to be resilient to Australian conditions, withstanding the long dry periods and performing in our harsh rangeland conditions and when the season prevails fatten quickly.