Mt Bryan, Mid-North SA

Situated 17 km north of Burra and adjacent to the Barrier Highway 'Gum Hil'l at Mt Bryan in the mid north of Sth Australia has a total property size of 2164ha of which 1550ha is arable red brown earths. The balance is hilly grazing country with reef outcrops. Pastures consist of native species on the grazing to sub clovers, medic and improved pastures on the remainder. Gum Hill consists of three main blocks of land with a 425-450 mm annual rainfall.

A total of 580ha cropped annually, currently running 1700 stud poll merino ewes plus followers and up to 1400 ram lambs. Also carrying 120 cows and followers.

Firstly purchased in 1922 for proximity to transport and markets with further additions in 1926, 1954 and 1982.

Gum Hill, Mt Bryan

  • Cropping and ram depot (all selections take place here)

Catarpo, Mt Bryan

  • Ewe and cow breeding block, split between cropping and livestock

Canowie, Mt Bryan 

  • Ewe and cow breeding, most of the young rams run here.
  • Cropping


The 3 properties are spread over 30km giving the livestock a selection of environments to run in. 

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