About Lines Gum Hill

Established in 1885, Gum Hill Merino Stud has experienced and survived many economic and seasonal changes. The challenges that have come from these experiences have directed the type of Merino that the studmasters, over many years, have chosen to pursue. As one of only two surviving studs which originally began practising extensive measurement for economic factors from the mid- 1950s onwards, the need for a profitable and productive animal has resulted in the stud producing plain bodied, strong constitution, fertile, easycare animals that are performing for our clients under a range of commercial environments. We believe that the individual animal’s all-round performance for fleece weight, body weight, micron, comfort factor, and fleece rot or flystrike is equally as important as pedigrees. Gum Hill is a family-owned and run business, having been in the Lines family since 1885, and covers properties at Mt Bryan in the Mid North and Keith in the South East, allowing for an increase and diversity in clients’ requirements. Rams are bred at both properties, and the top 60 per cent of the drop are offered for private selection during July and October. Gum Hill does not auction its rams because it believes that clients need individual time to make the correct breeding selection for their flocks. With clients spread over all parts of Australia, our breeding flock can meet most commercial sheep breeders’ objectives required from the modern Merino. The fifth generation of the Lines family are now actively involved in managing the various farm enterprises.